Gates of Fire
By: Steven Pressfield
384 Pages
Date started: 17 Feb. 2011

What makes me think that I'll enjoy this book?
It was recommended to me by my dad, so I'm going to trust him and read it to see how good it really is.

When/where do I plan to read this?
I'm going to try to read every night for at least ten minutes.

I plan to read before bed usually, since I enjoy reading at that time. I feel that I do need to read more, but I personally don't enjoy reading all that much. I need to try to make reading a habit.

I am on page: 23

This book is about the amazing battle at Thermopylae, in the perspective of a Spartan warrior. Currently my book is taking place in the tent of Xerxes, and the soldier has been captured alive. He almost died, when he came back to life and the light of the world. The Persian warriors then took him to Xerxes tent and this was where he began his story. Right now in the book I am reading of the childhood of this warrior, as he was walking with his cousin Diomache, to town, they found out that their town was being attacked, as all the farms were on fire. He eventually went back to the city walls with Diomache for safety, with their blind slave Bruxieus. In the young boys eyes Bruxieus can do almost anything but his only flaw is his inability to see any further than a few feet ahead of him.

So far I am loving my book. I am not very far into it but I find that it is very enjoyable so far, and I do believe that I will like it when I get deeper into it. The characters are pretty credible, yet the narrator is the only one speaking about his past at this point. The other characters haven't really said much stuff which can be called credible yet. The author uses a pretty normal style, although the book does have some vocabulary that I do not know, so I will look up the words that I don't know. I like the way the story is going, it is interesting and it involves a lot of interesting information. There are actual terms and words that are nonfictional which tie in with the fiction, giving it a good balance. The very beginning of the book was very boring in my opinion, and I didn't find it interesting.

Reading Log (1=not at all, 5= yes):

1) How frequently am I reading my book? 4 I have been reading almost every week night.

2) How much am I enjoying my book? 5 I find that this is definitely one of the best books that I have ever read.

3) Ho good of a job did I do selecting my book? 4 My father was the one who helped me find this book. He had read it in the past and has always encouraged me to read it. I am very happy that I picked this up.

4) Have I been successful at reading regularly? 4 I have read this book almost every week night.

5) Would I like to spend more time reading? 4 Yes I would like to spend some more time reading, and I am hoping to do so.


I am choosing the protagonist of this book. He is a man of the spartan army who has been captured by the Persians, and is telling his life's story to the Persian King Xerxes. He starts from the beginning of his youth, and how he feels that he is not manly enough to become a spartan warrior. He always wanted to be one ever since he was a little boy of the age of 9. He was very mature for such a young kid, and he had ultimate tests to see if he was "good enough" to be a spartan soldier. He scavenged the land for food and survival, with his cousin Diomache, and his families very wise slave Bruxius. He was a conflicted child, and went through many hardships which made him who he is in the book. He is a very nice and loving person, as he promises to protect his cousin. I believe that the reason he wants to be a spartan, is because they were sort of the heroes of Greece, and him coming from a small village, makes him want to be one, and be a recognized person. Overall he is quite the interesting person from his life's story.