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Stephen King,
New York (Broadway)
253 pages
Date started 23 Sep

Date finished December 17

What makes me think I'll enjoy it?
I enjoy Stephen Kings books, and I am a fan of scary movies and things like that, so this book should be very interesting to me.
Where do I plan to read it?
I plan to read this every night.
Where do I plan to read it?
I plan to read this every night.

Grade 10

Carrie – A book review by Yianni Woods

This book is a piece of fiction, and is by Stephen King, a very famous author who writes books in the horror genre. This book is a very interesting story of a girl named Carrie who doesn’t fit in with her peers. She is the protagonist of the town while most of the town is the antagonist. She lives with her mother Margaret. Her father Ralph White died earlier on. Her mother is almost a crazy woman who finds that praying most of the day is the only way to save them, and to get them into heaven. She is a very marginalized girl with a strange power that no one else has. Carrie eventually becomes a danger to the town. This book takes place in a town in Maine. Stephen King doesn’t have a relationship in his life directed to the life of Carrie White. The book is written like it is in the perspective of a teenage girl which was quite nice. Stephen King tends to write his books this way. I believe that this book is made to give a greater lesson. This lesson is to try to befriend everyone no matter how different they are. That is what I interpret as the “greater meaning.” The book has different themes including, fear, violence, and most importantly in my eyes, are lessons. Stephen King did a very good job of describing the characters personalities. Chris, the mean bully, Margaret, the deranged mother, and Carrie, the excluded teenage girl. He also did a good job of having specific dialogue that the characters used. I personally have not connected with this book, but I find that many people could be related to this type of story. This book did achieve what it was meant to. The ending is a very dark ending full of mayhem. I don’t think I found it very interesting, so I don’t think that I would recommend it to any of my friends. It was a good book, but I have read better books in the past.